Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How do we Solve our Skills Shortage? Take Natural Medicine.

Located near Tanzania and Kenya is the great Serengeti, which is marked by an annual cycle of circular rain patterns. The rain moves around a patch of 150,000 miles of land forcing 1.5 million wildebeest and zebra to follow, in what is called the Great Migration. Whatever land becomes touched by the rain becomes lush and fruitful, and wherever the rain leaves becomes barren and desert-like. Grazers are forced to follow the rain on this 1,200 mile trek, while predators- territorial in nature- lies in waiting for the return of the cycle.

In other words, wildebeest and zebra move to where the food is; while lions sedentarily lie and wait. Because of the length of the wait, some lions do not survive.

Canada’s skills shortage is in vogue. But, this topic often invokes emotions ranging from disbelief to rejection to anger. There is a disbelief that, in a still struggling economy, that labour is in short supply. There is a rejection of, while so many can’t find jobs, companies’ push to bringing in foreign workers. And, there is anger that, with all the money pouring into training, government has not addressed the problem.